Call for Papers :

We solicit high-quality original research papers (including significant work-in-progress) in any aspect of bioinformatics, Data Science and Computing. New computational techniques and methods and their application in bioinformatics, Data Science and Computing domains are especially encouraged. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:


Computational Systems Biology

Pathway Analysis

Biological Network Analysis


Gene Expression and Regulation

Post-translational Modifications

Alternative Splicing

Non-coding RNA Analysis

Next Generation Sequencing and High-throughput Methods

Next-Gen Sequencing

Microarray Data Analysis

SNPs and Haplotype Analysis, GWAS,

Personalized Genomics






Cross-Cutting Computational Methods and Bioinformatics Infrastructure

Biomedical Text Mining and Ontologies

Biological Data Mining and Visualization

Computational Modeling and Data Integration

AI and Machine Learning Methods in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics

Big Data Analytics in Biology and Medicine

High Performance Computing


Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics of Disease

Biomedical Intelligence, Clinical Data

Analysis, and Electronic Health Record

Precision Medicine

Biomedical Signal/Image Analysis

Genome-Phenome Analysis

Biomarker Discovery

Pathogen bioinformatics

Healthcare Informatics 

Healthcare Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

Health Data Acquisition, Analysis and Mining

Healthcare Information Systems
Consumer Informatics

Clinical Decision Support and Informatics

Bio-informatics :

Simulation and Modeling

Computational Intelligence

Genomics and Proteomics

Sequence Analysis

Structural Bioinformatics

Structure Prediction

Structural Variations

Image Analysis


Databases and Data Management

Data mining and Machine Learning

Biostatistics and Stochastic Models

Pharmaceutical Applications

Systems Biology

Algorithms and Software Tools

Web Services in Bioinformatics

Computational Molecular Systems

Immuno- and Chemo-informatics

Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification

Model Design and Evaluation


Next Generation Sequencing

Data Science

Big data

Networks and Communication

Embedded Systems

Internet of Things

Soft Computing

Data Science & Analysis

Interdisciplinary Aspects

Artificial intelligence

Data and the cloud

Data engineering and architecture

Data in telecommunications

Data science and advanced analytics

Geospatial imaging and cleantech

IoT and intelligent real-time applications

Law ethics and open data

Machine learning

Security and governance

Smart Cities and urban automation

Stream processing and analytics

Visualization and VR


Data Science Foundations

Mathematical, probabilistic and statistical models and theories

Machine learning theories, models and systems

Knowledge discovery theories, models and systems

Manifold and metric learning

Deep learning and deep analytics

Scalable analysis and learning

Non-iidness learning

Heterogeneous data/information integration

Data pre-processing, sampling and reduction

Dimensionality reduction

Feature selection, transformation and construction

Large scale optimization

High performance computing for data analytics

Architecture, management and process for data science


Data analytics, machine learning and knowledge discovery

Learning for streaming data

Learning for structured and relational data

Latent semantics and insight learning

Mining multi-source and mixed-source information

Mixed-type and structure data analytics

Cross-media data analytics

Big data visualization, modeling and analytics

Multimedia/stream/text/visual analytics

Relation, coupling, link and graph mining

Personalization analytics and learning

Web/social/network mining and learning

Structure/community/network mining

Cloud computing and service data analysis


Management, storage, retrieval and search

Cloud architectures and cloud computing

Data warehouses and large-scale databases

Memory, disk and cloud-based storage and analytics

Distributed computing and parallel processing

High performance computing and processing

Information and knowledge retrieval, and semantic search

Web/social/databases query and search

Personalized search and recommendation

Human-machine interaction and interfaces

Crowdsourcing and collective intelligence

 Social issues

Data science meets social science

Security, trust and risk in big data

Data integrity, matching and sharing

Privacy and protection standards and policies

Privacy preserving big data access/analytics

Social impact and social good


Information Security & Computer Forensics

Cloud Computing and Big Data

Green Computing

Signal & Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence (includes pattern recognition, evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, etc.)

Human Computer Interaction

Mobile Technologies & Mobile Web Services

Remote Sensing

IP mobility protocols

Communications software and services

Ubiquitous computing

Internet applications

Virtual environments and social networks

ICT applications in education & training, including eLearning,

Distance Education & Innovative Educational Platforms

E-government, e-governance & e-skills for development

Wireless Sensor Networks

ICT for creative industries & technology innovations